Meet the Design team at TransferWise.

We help people send, spend and receive money around the world.

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We work in cross-functional teams.

Product Design

Our product designers work with product teams to untangle complex customer problems. We explore, test and deliver useful, usable and delightful ways to manage global money.

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Our copywriters help teams write clear, delightful, and effective copy — so customers understand TransferWise better, trust us sooner, and solve their problems faster.

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Our UX researchers build empathy for our customers, so that we can build a better product.

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Brand and Creative Design

Our brand and creative designers work across multiple teams to educate, inform and create memorable moments, delivering business focussed, creative led experiences that customers love.

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See how we work.

We make global money simple and human for


We take ownership of our work.

In the TransferWise Design team, it’s our job to understand people, ask the right questions, and make abstract ideas tangible. We care for the details, and we keep humans at the centre of our work.

We’re trusted to do the right thing in our autonomous teams, and we’re given plenty of opportunity to grow.

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Meet the team.

Murtaza Abidi

Product Designer

Fran Cliffe

Marketing Copywriter

Amanda Lipshutz


Derek Boateng

Lead Brand Designer

Jennifer Lee

Lead UX Researcher

Jacopo Marcantonio

Head of Product Design

Sarah Houghton

Brand Designer

Francis Sloan

Lead Product Designer

Daniel Chavez

Marketing Designer

Clê Morse-Privett

Head of Copy

Colby Brin


Jeannie Kang

Product Designer

Andy Curran

UX Copywriter

Jacqueline Mirell

Product Designer

Duncan Lamb

VP of Design

Clare Baxter


Agata Pośpiech


Jordan Ellis

Marketing Designer

Marttiina Gilchrist

UX Researcher

Mike Marter

Product Designer

Ivan Marinkovic


Dan Winston

Product Designer

Katy D'Avella


Rocco Joyce

Design Recruiter

Stephanie Smith


Mike Twigg

Marketing Designer

Olivia Cooke

Marketing Designer

Antti Onttonen

Product Designer

Chris Martin

Brand Designer

Naiara Abaroa

Frontend Designer

Nicolo Arena

Product Designer

Mónica Crusellas

Product Designer

Henrique Gusso

Product Designer

Loz Wiliams

UX Designer

Laura Leon

Product Designer

What I learnt going from an intern to a full-time designer a year later.

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So you’re building your first UX writing team…

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Why is it green?

That’s the most common question I’ve been asked at TransferWise. Seriously and jokingly. Like many other financial companies, we use blue as a core brand colour, since it’s traditionally associated with trust and calm…

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Our hiring process.

1. Introduction
2. Portfolio review
3. Take-home task
4. Final interview

Designing for people.